Ana sayfa çerkes isimleri Bazı Adam İsimlerinin Kökeni

Bazı Adam İsimlerinin Kökeni

tarafınfan adige

List 4: The following masculine names, or components thereof, are not of Circassian origin, although they are used extensively in the Caucasus:
Aliym (Aleem; from Arabic ‘Aleem, learned)
Anwar (Anwar; from Arabic Anwar, radiant, effulgent)
Anzor, Andzor (Anzor; from the Georgian caste term Aznawiry, free)
Arsein (Arsane; from Greek, manly, courageous)
Artur (Artur; from Celtic Arthur, bear)
Aslhen (Aslan; from Turkish Arslan, Aslan, lion)
Aslhenbiy (Aslanby; from Turkic Arslan, Aslan, lion, and Turkic bey, the master, or probably bay, prince, rich man)
Azemet (Azamat; from Arabic ‘Azamah, grandeur, greatness, glory)
Batir (Batir)
Beislhen (Beslan; from Turkic Bey, the master, or probably Bay, prince, rich man, and aslan, lion).
Beit’al (Baytal, the t is followed by a glottal stop; assimilated name)
Kezbeik (Kazbeyk; from Arabic Qadi, judge, and Turkic beyk, the master, leader)
Mats (Mats; assimilated name)
Murat (Murat; from Arabic Murad, wish)
Ruslhan, Rustam, Wirustam (Ruslan, Rustam, Wirustam; from Persian Ruslan, having a mighty body)
Teimir (Temir; assimilated name; perhaps from Turkic, iron)
Teimirqan (Temirkan; assimilated name; composed of Teimir, and qan, foster-child)
Teimirzhan (Temirzhan; assimilated name; composed of Teimir, and zhan, lively, agile, smart, clever)
Teimriqwe (Temriqua; there is some doubt as to the originality of this name, Temir probably being Turkic; assimilated name)
Tiymur (Teemur; Turkic, iron)
Yeldar (Yaldar; assimilated name)
Yidar (Yidar; assimilated name)
Yinal (Yinal; assimilated name)
Yinaliqwe (Yinaliqua; assimilated name)
Zawir (Zawir; apparently from Ossetian Dzuar, patron, protector)
Zawirbiy (Zawirby; apparently from Ossetian Dzuar, patron, protector, and Turkic bey, themaster, or probably bay, prince, rich man)
Zhemal (Zhamal; from Arabic Jamal, beauty, attractiveness)

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